Photos from Morocco, click here.

 Information about the itinerary:

 Day 1: We depart from our terminal and travel to Algeciras.  We cross by ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta, pass through border controls and then transfer to Tetuan.   We start our visit in this modern city and then head for the Hassan II Square, where the Royal Palace is situated.  We then enter the Medina (Old Town) where we visit the most characteristic zocos and markets and the handicraft district.  After our visit we leave for the hotel in Tangier.  Dinner and overnight stay.

 Day 2After breakfast we depart for Chaouen, a typical mountain village in the north of the Rif Mountains.  We visit (amongst others) theAndalusian district and the medina.  In the afternoon we return to Tangier.  Dinner and overnight stay.

 Day 3After breakfast we tour the modern city.   We finish our visit with a walk through the medina and its characteristic streets and shops.  Afterwards we transfer to Tangier harbour, cross by ferry to Algeciras and then return to our terminal.  The end of our service.

 Included in our prices:

 - Travel Insurance
- Transportation by bus 
- 2 hotel nights based on half board (breakfast and dinner) 
- Tour guide and local guides

 - Tickets for the ferry Spain – Morocco - Spain

 * Pepe Tours reserves the right to change the itinerary and the order of the excursions for organisational reasons.

 More information:

 Let us take you to the heart of Arabian culture in order to discover the impressive legacy left by this amazing civilisation.  We visit the mythical cities of Tangier and Tetuan and the isolated Spanish territory of Ceuta.

 Morocco is an Islamic country so full of mysticism that it looks like it moves on a flying carpet between myth and reality.  TangierTetuan, Agadir… just the mention of the names of these cities is sufficient to conjure up a recollection of the rich aroma of spices, the sights, sounds, tastes; a sensory banquet even for the most experienced travellers.

 Morocco is characterised by the warmth of its people, colours of the landscapes, old and exotic cities, dazzling beauty of the desert and the long beautiful beaches.  For centuries this land has attracted poets, artists, writers and adventurers searching for the exotic.  For many people it’s their first contact with Africa and the Islamic culture.  The experience can be astonishing because of the country’s contrasts, changing landscapes, character and ambiance.   Morocco never fails to stimulate one’s senses and form a lasting impression.

 When speaking about Morocco we think of cities full of history like Tangier.  However, it’s important not to forget the Rif mountain region with its savage landscapes, white cities, villages of adobe in terrace form on top of the mountains, agriculture, beautiful forests, varied landscapes and mountain roads that offer spectacular views.   Also noteworthy is the Mediterranean Sea with its beaches of gilded sand and beaches in between the cliffs in a natural and secluded setting.

 Few cities have the allure of Tangier - it has since time immemorial possessed a certain attraction.  Painters (Matisse, Delacroix, Francis Bacon), writers (Tennessee Williams, Samuel Beckett, Truman Capote, Paul Bowles), multimillionaires (Barbara Hutton, Malcolm Forbes) and musicians like Igor Stravinsky all fell in love with this city and contributed towards its global fame. Tangier continues to enchant travellers from all over the world who are drawn to this legendary city.

 Tetuan, called ‘The white city’, is situated in the foothills of the Rif Mountains (on the Mediterranean Sea) and 57 km from Tangier.  Its medina is very charming and the new town is full of attractive places.

 The most beautiful city in the Rif is Chaouen (or Chefchaoen) which is 115 km from Tangier.  Its name in Berber means ‘the horns’ referring to the two mountains on either side of the city (Djebel Efchaouen).

Photos from Morocco, click here.

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