Departure days for the Excursion to the Mini Hollywood - Oasys Theme Park in Tabernas Almeria. Tickets included Special dates     Mini Hollywood Opening times.Departure time for the day trip to Mini Hollywood - Oasys Theme Park. Price 2019 - 2020 Mini Hollywood tickets online 9:30 h.     Mini Hollywood - Oasys Theme Park tickets online. Price Mini Hollywood - Oasys Theme Park ticket xx,00 € / Adult y xx,00 € / Child (3-11 years)

Book your day trip to Mini Hollywood - Oasys Theme Park tickets includedInformation about the itinerary:

Departure at the indicated time from Almeria Cruise Port heading north. We’ll enjoy beautiful sceneries while passing through the stunning Desert of Tabernas (moon-like scenery and place where the famous Dollar Trilogy starring Clint Eastwood was shot). Upon arrival, our representatives will organize your Skip-the-Line tickets, give you the last recomendations and your free time to the Wild & Far West starts. You'll discover the Western Theme Park Parque Oasys (formerly called Mini Hollywood) which offers a chance to go back in time and live the experience of real western life. Enjoy a great day visitting the Saloon, the Sheriff’s office, the Bank…. and most certainly the Animal Reserve, with a large variety of animals, and, why not, the swimming-pool, or the restaurants of the Park. Every day there are live shows where the hard life in the Wild West is remembered, with a bank robbery or an attack on the stagecoach, and where the Sheriff shows his authority. An unforgettable experience for all ages, in the rough landscape of Tabernas. At the indicated time we'll collect you and start our way back to your ship. Arrival at Almeria cruising Port and end of our service.

Included in our prices:

- Customized excursion to the Desert of Tabernas in order to ensure your timely return to the Port of Almeria.
- Skip the line entrance to the Theme Park with full access to the Western Village, Zoo, Museums, Shows, Cactus Garden, Mini-Train Ride.
- Explanatory map of the Western Village is included.
- Round trip transportation from the cruise ship pier.
- English-speaking driver / escort.
- Travel-insurance.
- In summer we recommend to bring a baththing suit and a towel.

* Pepe Tours reserves the right to change the itinerary and the order of the excursion for organizational reasons. For a full & comprehensive visit, this tour normally operates from 9:30 am till 5:00 pm. Should the ship leaves earlier from Almeria, Pepe Tours will adapt the itinerary in order to arrive on time for the ship departure.

More information:


Parque Oasys is the most original Theme Park of the Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, with live shows that imitate life in the Far West, real film-specialists and sympathic Can Can dancers, the Museum of Film history (one of the best in Spain) and a Museum of Carriages and Stagecoaches.

In the middle of this impressive landscape of the Desert of Tabernas this cowboy village reminds of the Wild and Far West of America. Tabernas desert is a stretch of barren landscape that looks as if it has been transplanted from the Mojave desert – dun-coloured hills scattered with tufts of tussocky scrub. In the sixties and seventies famous directors came under the spell of this natural scene and decided to make their films here. Famous films were made here, such as The Good, The Bad and the UglyLawrence of ArabiaFor A Fistful of Dollars and Once Upon A Time, amongst others. Also scenes for the films Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 2001-A Space Odyssey and Patton were shot here.

As you start exploring the authentic looking western town with a stunning mountain backdrop, you can have a closer look at the 18th century houses or pop into the local bank, church, various shops or even local cementery at the town’s outskirts. It’s all very atmospheric and instantly takes you back in time whether you want it or not! Get your picture taken dressed up as a 'Cowboy' at the Fancy dress store & Photo Studio or at the town square on the horse back next to a friendly cowboy. There is plenty of attractions and fun all around the place!

The highlight is watching the Western show, where the bad guys rob the bank and you´ll see a jailbreak, stunt riding and the final showdown gunfight, which the children loved. Straight after the working saloon is the location for the popular Cancan show. If you´re hungry there are plenty of places to eat.

If seeing all the attractions in the western village took you more than half a day, the rest of the day needs to be reserved for the Unique zoo which is also part of the Oasys Park. You will find there lots of species which you won’t find in many zoos. At the back of Mini Hollywood is the Animal Reserve that sprawls for miles, down in the valley and right back up the other side. It holds more than 200 species of animals originating from different continents and specialized in savage habitats, especially in the African Savanna. The enclosures for animals are very spacious and ingeniously made. You should also visit the section where you can see the tigers, pumas and cheetahs… you can also enjoy the Footprint Museum, the Reptilarium, the Cocodrile Pond, the birds in their cages, the predators, the petting zoo and the Parrots Show. Neither should you miss the incredible Cactus Garden with more than 300 species. All kinds of cactus were dotted around, some of them reaching over 10 feet tall.

Mini Hollywood offers a chance to go back in time and live the experience of real western life.Book your day trip to Mini Hollywood - Oasys Theme Park tickets included


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