Day: Monday, Thursday                Time: 9 a.m.       Prices: 29 € / adults and 20 € / child (3-11 years)

 Information about the itinerary:

Departure at the indicated time from Roquetas de Mar with destination the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata. We visit the Lighthouse of Cabo de Gata, we drive along the old fishermen villages of San Miguel de Cabo de Gata and La Isleta del Moro, as well as the former mining villageRodalquilar. At noon we can enjoy a typical lunch (not included). Along this excursion we will stop frequently in order to enjoy the different countrysides offered by the Coast of Almeria. In the afternoon we will have some free time at the fishermen village of San Jose. Here, in summertime you have the opportunity to stay some time at the beach. After this free time we will return to the hotels. Arrival at Roquetas de Marand the end of our service.

Incluided in our prices:

- Travel-insurance
- Transport by bus
- Accompanying guide during the whole excursion.

* Pepe Tours reserves the right to change the itinerary and the order of the excursions for organizational reasons.

More information:

The whole day through you will enjoy the beautiful environment of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, with its specific flora and fauna, the unmatched view over the coast, a confluence of mountains and coast.

The “Cabo de Gata”, one of the milestones of the mediterranean coast in the southeastern part of the iberian peninsula, the extreme part of a volcanic mountain range that makes the eastern border between the lowlands of Almeria and the Land of Nijar. The contact with the sea is characterized through the presence of beautiful cliffs, alternated with little beaches which were used by seamen as shelter. Pirates used them to hide themselves and to ambush. For centuries pirates were active in this area and as a result of this hardly any steady population settled here. This led to a very good preservation of this whole area. The largest variety of birds is concentrated in summertime, but any season is suitable for watching different birds such as avocetsstiltsheronsseagullsducks and above all flamingos.

Isleta del Moro is a little touristical fishermen village, next to an enormous rock and a little island to which it owns its name, in the past often visited by arabs and pirates searching for treasures. One suspects that it was the Berber leader Mohamed Arráez who gave his name to the village. It is constituted by a little group of white houses where simple people live, who since time immemorial have been engaged in fishing allthough nowadays this is diminishing more and more.

San José was established as a fishing hamlet in the Bay of San Jose. But at present this little village has replaced its fishing activities with a sustainable touristic development. In accordance with the beauty and the forms of the environment, it has converted itself in to the touristic center of the Park. From San Jose one has acces to the beaches of Los Genoveses and El Monsul, the most spectacular virgin beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Originally Rodalquilar is a mining village, situated in a valley of an exceptional beauty, surrounded by mountains and hills full with mines, now without activity. The fact that it finds itself within the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata – Nijar has favored the rehabillitation of some older houses inRodalquilar, alternating with the ruins of the old houses of the miners.

Cabo de Gata is a unique natural area, unique in Europe, with contrasting countrysides and a game of light that impresses anyone who visits this Park. With one of the most beautiful coastlines of the eastern Meditterranean Sea, full of ecological richness, the Natural Park of Cabo de Gatahas developed itself into one of the natural jewels of AlmeriaAndalusia and of the whole of Spain

Enjoy the many views where magic and loneliness mingle!

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