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Toledo full day excursion

Departure: daily      Time: 9:00 h.      Prices: 63 € / adult y 32 € / child (3-12 years)

Information about the itinerary:

An excursion accompanied by oficial tourist guides who explain the history of the town, the monuments, the characteristics and traditions, travelling by luxury, fully air-conditioned coach. Departure from  our terminal with destination Toledo city-museum of great artistic beauty, once capital of Spain and one of the oldest towns in Europe. Upon arrival a panoramic visit and a walk through the town to admire its streets and monuments visiting the Alcazar of Toledo which, in its new stage, allows us to go over the History of Spain and its Army through its component parts. An historic building that houses the Army Museum, Parade Ground, Imperial Staircase and a new model of exhibiting collections, archeological rests and gardens; the Prime Cathedral, the Santo Tome church (“The Burial of the Count of Orgaz”, the Museum Victorio Macho, the Museum of Sculpture and an audiovisual projection of the spirit of Toledo, the Synagogue of “Santa Maria la Blanca” and the San Juan de los Reyes church. We will also contemplate the rich handicraft from within, the technique of “damasquinado” ( inlaying of precious metals in steel). On Wednesdays the Alcazar will be substituted by the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz. There is the option to have lunch at a typical restaurant. Return to Madrid and the end of our service.

Included in our prices:

- Travel-insurance
- Transport by coach
- Entrance Tickets to the monuments
- Accompanying guide during the whole excursion

* Pepe Tours reserves the right to change the itinerary and the order of the excursions for organizational reasons

More information:

The Imperial City of Toledo, in 1986 recognized as World Heritage by the UNESCO, is situated at only 60 kilometers of the capital of Madrid. At present several relics of the three cultures that lived amongst its walls remain, like the Prime Cathedral, the Mosque “Cristo de la Luz”, the Synagogue “del Transito”, the Alcazar and the celebration of Corpus Christi, one of the most important and popular processions in Spain.

The different people that passed through Toledo have left successively their footprints on the town. The walls for example that were built by the Romans were reconstructed and received their actual trace by the Arabs. Many gates can be found, but the gate “de la Bisagra” which carries in its upper part the coat of arms of the Imperial City, is the most representative and gives access to the historic town.

Mosque “Cristo de la Luz” (10th century). The only one of its style that survives of the ten that used to exist in the town. It is situated directly behind the gate de la Bisagra, The horse-shoe arches succeed themselves and remember and are based on the Mosque of Cordoba.

Synagogue “del Transito” (14th century). Beautiful walls covered with plasterwork precede a rectangular interior, covered with a beautiful “alfarje” (paneled ceiling). It contains the Sefardi Museum.

Prime Cathedral. Of gothic style, it was erected between 1226 and 1493 on a westgothic church, which was constructed during the reign of Recaredo. The sacrity harbors a valuable collection of paintings by El Greco, Lucas Jordan, Van Dijck and Goya. But all dependencies are works of art: from the Chapel of the New Kings to the Chapel of Santiago, along the Choir in Renaissance style, the Mozarabic Chapel or the Chapter House.

House Museum of El Greco. Although a sign indicates the entrance, the painter never lived here, but it does harbor several significant paintings of the artist from Crete, such as the Tears of Saint Peter or The Apostolate.

Alcázar of Toledo. Situated on the highest point of the town, in the Roman period it was a palace and under the Christians it was converted in to the first alcazar with a square base. Under Charles I it suffered an important remodeling. Each façade is of a different style and perios: the eastern one is medieval, the western one is Renaissance, the northern one is Plateresque and the southern one is Churrigueresco. With the invasion of the french troops and the Spanish Civil War is was destructed, butter after the reconstruction it harbors the Museum of the Army and military units.

A period and a history go together in the handicraft: the swords from Toledo, the ceramics or the “damasquinado”. The production of swords and sables is destined mainly to tourism, although there are orders from different armies in the world. Regarding the damasquinado, this is an arabian decoration technique, consisting of incrusting silver and gold on less noble but harder materials (iron, bronze, steel, ceramic, porcelain…) and applying this technique on rings, bracelets, brooches, dishes. All the streets are full with workshops and shops dedicated to handicraft which will not remain unobserved by visitors and convert some spaces in little bazaars.

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